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Looking for a best dentist in Gaur City, Greater Noida? Dr Gupta Dental Clinic, Gaur City 1 is a place to visit for affordable and best dental care.

With qualified dentists and affordable care, Dr Gupta Dental Clinic, Gaur City is a place to visit. Led by Dr Nitish Chandra Gupta (MDS), the team of qualified and experienced dentists are ready to serve you for affordable and best dental care.

In dentistry skill is equally important as dental qualification. And, we at Dr Gupta Dental Clinic, Gaur City understands that. Hence, our doctors are qualified (BDS/MDS) as well as skilled. Given the vast experience acquired by treating happy patients we have one of the best dentists in Gaur City and nearby areas. Additionally, we use the latest techniques and technology to treat dental problems and improve oral health.

Check up & Services

A regular dental check-up is necessary to ensure the overall health of your mouth. Therefore, our team of dentists conduct comprehensive exams on your teeth, gums, and jaws for proper diagnosis. We also treats bleeding gums and broken teeth

Regular checkups are also necessary to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Dentists check every part of your mouth and may have you bite into a wax or bite into a piece of food. They will also look for signs of tooth decay with a dental instrument called an explorer. Decayed enamel feels softer than healthy enamel. A dentist will also check your current fillings, braces, bridges, dentures, and crowns.

We offer services like Root Canal, Crown and Bridges. In addition Implants is our specialty. Tooth Extraction, Braces, Sensitivity, Tooth Infection, Cosmetic Dentistry are some of other services we offer.

Located at 2nd Floor, Aarza Square, 7th Avenue, Gaur city 1 – Dr Gupta Dental clinic is a place to visit for best dentist near Gaur City, Greater Noida. We serve Greater Noida West and nearby areas. Visit us to avail treatment from best dentists in Gaur City

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