Teeth whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure aimed at lightening the color of teeth and eliminating stains.

Who needs teeth whitening?

  1. Smoking, excess consumption of coffee, strong tea, red wine, and products containing strong dyes all cause the enamel to darken. Unwanted pigmentation accumulates and changes the color of teeth, even those that are perfectly healthy. Teeth whitening aids in dealing with this issue.
  2. A desire for white teeth.
  3. Mild to moderate fluorosis.
  4. Age-related changes.
  5. Certain medical treatments can also cause tooth staining.


Pregnant and lactating women.


Hypersensitive teeth.

Before vs after teeth whitening


First, we will remove the film that has formed on your enamel as a result of the food you eat or other substances.

Following this, the bleaching procedure begins. The entire procedure takes between 30-90 minutes, depending on the severity of the stains on the teeth.

We will cover the gums before applying the bleaching agent to the teeth. Some bleaching agents necessitate the use of laser lights, and if your teeth are severely stained, we may advise you to continue the process at home for a few days.

Types of teeth whitening:

  1. In-office bleaching: It is the effective teeth whitening procedure, done under the monitoring of the dentist. They can change the color of your teeth faster than at-home methods.
  2. At-home bleaching: The procedure is done at home by the patient. The dentist gives you a set of trays to whiten your teeth. The results are not instant.

Post care after teeth whitening:

  1. Avoid drinking strongly colored beverages after your whitening treatment.
  2. Don’t eat foods that stain.
  3. It is advised to stop smoking and/or chewing not only for health reasons, but also to keep your teeth pearly white.

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